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Michael Bock

Senior Analyst


Michael Bock

Michael Bock is a Senior Analyst at Watershed Advisors and a data nerd and policy wonk who loves thinking about how to leverage policy, programs, and funding to maximize the impact of public services and improve the experiences of students and their families.

Most recently, Michael was the Director of Teaching and Learning Support Services at the Louisiana Department of Education where he provided strategic planning, policy, and research support for key initiatives connected to literacy, diverse learners, early childhood, academic content, school improvement, and teacher certification. Prior to that, Bock was the Early Childhood Accountability Manager, and managed the state’s innovative Early Childhood accountability system through the COVID-19 pandemic. He has experience working in schools, philanthropic foundations, and local government.
Michael received a Master’s in Public Policy and Bachelors of Arts with Distinction from the University of Virginia. He