About Watershed Advisors

Watershed Advisors supports governments to design, implement, and scale transformative education plans.

Watershed was founded by former leaders of the Louisiana Department of Education, whose nearly decade-long tenure was defined by nationally recognized innovation in early childhood education, curriculum and preparation, college and career pathways, student assessment, and school accountability.

Leveraging the team’s unique, vast public sector experience, Watershed:

Researches policies, systems, and initiatives around the world for potential scale and impact on America’s youth, families, and adults.

Matches high-potential ideas, visionary public sector leaders, and social impact investors or philanthropists to create multi-year plans for scale at the regional, state, or national levels.

Manages the communications, policymaking, piloting, analytics, software development, and public financing necessary to scale and sustain implementation for a period of up to three years.

Meet the Watershed team.

Our Team