Watershed focuses on the most critical, vexing problems within the American education and workforce systems, seeking solutions that can be scaled across states and cities and then replicated across the country.

Access to affordable, caring, and developmental child care for all American families. The nation’s hodgepodge system of child care, Head Start, and pre-kindergarten is difficult to access, and even harder to evaluate, for the millions of working parents who rely on its services to look after and teach their children.

A challenging curriculum, and a teacher prepared to challenge students, for every young person. The commercial marketplace of curricula, tests, and professional development vendors that informs America’s approach to schooling is unexamined and uneven, a problematic platform for teaching millions of young people to read, reason, and participate as citizens.

Focused, proven support for students struggling in academics and in life. As the nation stares into the learning abyss created by a year out of school, the failure to conceive of how students attain effective, customized support services, in school and out of school, becomes increasingly problematic.

Connections to work and advancement for high school graduates and working adults. The vast majority of the American population that has never attained a bachelor’s degree experiences a badly fragmented system of training and hiring that rarely offers a clear roadmap to well-paid work and opportunities for advancement.